What is

The platform was established to improve the organization of humanitarian aid for the victims of the war in Ukraine. You can easily add a request for any kind of help - if you are looking for an apartment for people from Ukraine, you need transport from the border, or food or medicine. Then you add the location - ie.: the pickup point at the border, or the destination where you are looking for accommodation - and a contact number for yourself. After adding the information, we look for organizations or people who can help with your report.

Why do you need my mobile number?

We care about efficient operation and quick resolution of inquiries. Therefore, we only need a contact number for the purposes stated in the description of your need. We also it to confirm you are a real person, in order to ensure our platform can't be used in malicious ways. Your number will not be held or used for any other purpose.

Can I share active requests?

Yes, you can share all reequests on Twitter, Telegram and Facebook as well as by sending a direct link.

Can I contact people looking for help directly?

Yes, the numbers provided are intended so that people who can provide the necessary help can contact you quickly and deal with their request.

Are requests removed automatically?

Yes, after 24 hours each ad is automatically deleted. If your application has already been resolved earlier - e.g. you have managed to find the transport within a few hours of posting the request - you can delete it yourself.

Where can I find the terms and conditions of the platform?

You'll find the Terms and Conditionshere

Is there a fee to use the platform?

No, the platform is completely free. Our goal is to help coordinate humanitarian aid efficiently.

What are the categories for?

Categories allow for a more precise definition of the type of assistance needed, as well as a more efficient search for potential requests for people need help.

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